Friday, July 27, 2012



As the name of a food, Breadcrumbs were also present in a person's identity on the blog. Known and explored the structure of categories in our blog is one of the uses and functions of breadcrumb. simple, breadcrumb is a navigational structure that informs the site and the active menu of a blog to allow visitors to know the location of the posts that are being explored now.

Breadcrumb site is located at the top of the blog title of an article under the header exactly. The benefits of this very important breadcrumb installation done by a blog designer to improve the SEO of every article that we build.

Another function is to make our blog a neatly arranged and easy navigation track visiting the web page / blog easily. In the search results by a few Search Engine, usually fitting Breadcrumbs will be especially noticeable. And will direct the search for a person to the place where the article link is located. So it will be more interactive in its use in a blog.

One of the benefits that we are well on the blog post or article that we have more quickly indexed by Google and the search results that go into our blog also produce a more precise search by keyword or SEO is the key to supporting the blog.

The introduction of such Breadcrumb, usability, functionality, and benefits for a blog. Hopefully can improve the quality and quantity of your article.

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